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The UK-EU Relations

The Law Society is very active in the discussion about the future of the UK-EU relations, especially after Prime Minister announced negotiations with the EU about revision of the membership terms. While avoiding taking sides in the political arena, the Law Society emphasises that eventual changes of the existing membership terms may also bring major changes for the UK’s legal sector. To prove justification for its concerns, the Law Society points out that:

According to the Law Society, the figures above clearly reveal the importance of the future UK-EU relationship not only for the country’s legal sector but for the British economy as a whole. They also forwarded the concerns of legal practitioners about the impact of an eventual withdrawal of the UK from the EU.

A recent survey reveals that more than one half of legal practitioners believe that an eventual UK’s withdrawal from the EU would have negative consequences for the legal sector, with more than one third expressing serious concerns, adding it would be a disaster. According to the survey, more than three quarters of the respondents believe that the EU will continue to be one of the UK’s main trading partners.